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CAUSALITY: Journal National Public Issues serves as a platform for researchers to publish their outstanding research spanning various fields of study. All submissions to CAUSALITY undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process, ensuring impartial evaluation by experts in the respective fields. The articles must be original, not previously published elsewhere, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Editorial Board of Causality Journal actively screens for plagiarism using a Plagiarism Detection Program, with manuscripts exceeding 25% plagiarism facing automatic rejection. The decision to accept or reject scientific articles ultimately rests with the Editorial Board, guided by recommendations from peer reviewers. The Editorial Board disclaims responsibility for the views expressed in each article.

CAUSALITY: Journal National Public Issues places a specific focus and scope on the social sciences and humanities domain. Manuscripts submitted to the journal are expected to align with these thematic areas. The journal exclusively accepts manuscripts that diligently adhere to the author's guidelines and template. Any submissions deviating from these guidelines and templates will be promptly and automatically rejected before the formal review process begins. The editorial team remains committed to considering only those manuscripts that meet the specified format requirements, contributing to the maintenance of the journal's high standards.

Journal Title : CAUSALITY: Journal National Public Issues
Initials : CAUSALITY
Frequency : April, August, December
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DOI Prefix : On progress
Publisher : INACEXTER
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