GERECHTIKEIT: Jurnal Riset Peradaban Hukum editorial board is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. In recognizing the unequivocal unacceptability of plagiarism, we have instituted a comprehensive policy outlining specific actions (penalties) to be taken upon the identification of plagiarism or similarities in articles submitted for publication in GERECHTIKEIT: Jurnal Riset Peradaban Hukum. To facilitate this, our journal employs Turnitin's originality-checking software, ensuring a thorough examination of article manuscripts and the final versions prepared for publication. A maximum similarity threshold of 25% is established for submitted papers. If the similarity index surpasses 25%, the article will be promptly returned to the author for necessary corrections and resubmission.

Levels of Plagiarism:

  1. Minor: Involves the plagiarism of a brief section from another article without significant data or ideas being extracted.

    Action: Authors receive a warning and are requested to amend the text, ensuring proper citation of the original article.

  2. Intermediate: Signifies the substantial replication of a paper without proper citation to the source.

    Action: The submitted article is rejected, and authors are prohibited from submitting further articles for one year.

  3. Severe: Encompasses the significant reproduction of a paper, including the replication of original results or ideas from another publication.

    Action: The paper is rejected, and authors are forbidden from submitting further articles for five years.

All authors are deemed accountable for the content of their submitted papers, as they are required to have read and understood GERECHTIKEIT: Jurnal Riset Peradaban Hukum Copyright and Licensing Terms. In the event of a plagiarism penalty, all authors associated with the paper will be subjected to the same corrective action.

Note: The acceptance limit for similarity is 25% without references.