At GERECHTIKEIT: Jurnal Riset Peradaban Hukum, we are dedicated to fostering a rigorous and transparent scholarly publishing environment. Our commitment to academic integrity is reflected in our meticulous editorial and publishing process. Below is an overview of the key stages your manuscript undergoes, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation through our double-blind review system.

1. Submission:

  • Authors submit manuscripts through the online journal platform.

2. Initial Check:

  • Editors conduct an initial check to ensure manuscript adherence to writing guidelines and publication ethics.

3. Double-Blind Review:

  • Manuscripts passing the initial check proceed to the double-blind review process.
  • Editors conceal author and reviewer identities to eliminate bias.
  • Two or more independent reviewers anonymously evaluate the manuscript, providing feedback and recommendations.

4. Author Revision:

  • Authors make revisions if necessary based on reviewer feedback.

5. Second Review (if needed):

  • Revised manuscripts may undergo a second review if necessary.

6. Editorial Decision:

  • Editors make the final decision based on review outcomes and revisions.
  • Decisions include acceptance, minor/major revisions, or rejection.

7. Copyediting:

  • Accepted manuscripts undergo editing for language, style, and format.

8. Proofreading:

  • Authors receive the edited manuscript for a final proofreading process.

9. Publication:

  • Manuscripts are published online after authors approve the final proofreading.
  • Each article receives a DOI for referencing and citation.

10. Indexing: 

  • Articles are indexed in scholarly databases to enhance visibility.

11. Archiving:

  • Articles and metadata are stored in the journal's archive system for the long term.

12. Post-publication Engagement:

  • The journal engages readers and authors through comments, discussions, and updates after publication.