About the Journal

GERECHTIKEIT: Jurnal Riset Peradaban Hukum is an academic journal of Legal Studies published by the International Academic Research Center. This journal aims to provide a platform for scholars and intellectual experts of Law to put forward ideas for leading research results. GERECHTIKEIT: Jurnal Riset Peradaban Hukum is published regularly in July and December with articles in English and Indonesian.
The journal is designed to provide an academic platform for cross-border legal research, involving fields such as legal philosophy and theory, comparative law, sociology of law, international law, Islamic law, constitutional law, civil law, economic law, environmental law, criminal law, administrative law, cyber law, procedural law, judicial, and human rights.

Journal Title : GERECHTIKEIT : Jurnal Riset Peradaban Hukum
Frequency : July, December
Chief Editor : Fahmi Ihsan Margolang
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Publisher : INACEXTER
Accreditation : -

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